Amazing person

My boyfriend and I rented a home and did so much work to this home we never owned. We put time and money into this home we never owned. When the house was almost finished the landlord decided it was time for us to leave. Broke and almost homeless, we turned to Mr.Smith for help.He was kind and generously willing to help us. It took him less than two months to get use our money back we put into the house. We can't thank him a enough for coming to our rescue. Thank you Jeff, Beckett

Creative remodeling solutuions

I was buying a house and trust me it needed WORK!!! He told me about creative remodeling solutions and he was so right . I dont know how C .R..S is able to do such great work with sych high quality products for the price he gave. MR. smith sure has a great asset with his connection to creative remodeling solutions!!!

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